Book Inspired Roll-A-Movement Break

Roll A Movement Break

For those of you who have been following my blog, you may remember that I recently wrote and illustrated two children’s books. I recently had the opportunity to share my writing and illustrating process with hundreds of amazing young people, and in preparation for my book presentions, my OT-inspired mind was working overtime. I decided to make yet another fun movement break game, this time inspired by the illustrations in one of my books, The Whispering Tree. 

TWT rollamovementbreak

To use this fun little movement activity in your home or classroom, please feel free to download the template I created here: Book Inspired Game Download 

My kids love acting out the motions, trying to be leaves in the wind, butterflies, or marching ants. As always, happy reading and let those imaginations soar!  

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A Children’s Book to Encourage Nature Exploration and Imagination

“I feel like I’ve neglected this blog, but I finally finished a book!”


It feels like forever since I’ve posted a blog, but my negligence to is due to a different (and exciting) project.

Inspired by my children’s fascination for nature and my own belief of the importance of spending time outdoors, I created The Whispering Tree, a book about a young boy who explores his yard and expands his imagination. The story aims to encourage children’s desire to play outdoors, as nature offers a rich sensory experience that is ideal for promoting healthy mental and physical development for young children.

The book begins in the spring and continues through all four seasons. The little boy discovers that the natural world is a fun and inspiring place to play and spend his time.  While exploring his yard, he expands his imagination in ways such as seeing shapes in the clouds and imagining the intentions of the insects he discovers.

Each page of the story was individually crafted using acrylic backgrounds and hand sculpted clay figures with mixed media details.  With the turn of each page, the scenery shifts slightly as nature is constantly evolving with each gust of wind.


In creating The Whispering Tree, I felt at times that it would have been much easier to make just a couple of trees and a couple of images of the boy character and then manipulate them digitally. Sitting stooped over my desk of clay crumbles, completed heads, and hand-crafted leaves, I was tempted- but it would have felt like cheating. In creating The Whispering Tree, I wanted to capture the essence of the ever-changing natural world.

The little boy’s journey continues to the following spring where he shares his favorite outdoor place with his little sister, sharing a special sibling moment full of love.


If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of The Whispering Tree, please request your local bookstore to add it to their inventory (ISBN 978-1-7326216-0-2). It is available at Horizon Books in downtown Traverse City, MI, McLean and Eakin Booksellers in downtown Petoskey, MI, Tip’n the Mitten in Grayling, MI, several other bookstores and online book retailers nationwide, including here

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Happy reading!

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